Sunday, 3 February 2013

Great fraternity of antique coins!!

I am going to share my collection of antique coins with the people interested in collecting these auspicious and elegant antiques. Basically this collection belongs to my grandpa as he is the person behind this huge fraternity of antique coin I am going to share!!

I have a collection of more than thousand coins, every coin has some value and is identical in nature as well as render!! Some of the coins are precious to me and I have my favorite one!!

Every coin has different market value. Some of the renowned websites sell them at a very high price which a person cannot afford. One should have knowledge for selling or even purchasing these priceless antique coins. I am bothered for those antique lovers who kept on purchasing these coins for their collection and don’t have knowledge about them, sometimes people with fake identity sell them fake coins at high price. These coins definitely deserve high value but not fake once!!

Some of the coins are made up of gold and some of them are with brass, many a times I keep one of my favorite in my pocket as a luck component!!

My collection..

These are some of the coins from my collections, I’ll come again with some more antique things, would like to hear from you antique collectors!!

I’ll share some more antique coins from my versatile collection. May you find one for your collection!!!

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